Master Program In Urban And Regional Planning

Master Program in Urban and Regional Planning (MPKD) is 2 (two) years program that aim to become the center for world class trans – diciplinary knowledge development in Asia – Pacific which focused on spatial engineering and based on democracy values, togetherness, empowerment, justice, and balance to realize the sustainability and the glory of the human being. Bringing more than 45 years of experiences with capacity building for local and national government officer who works in the wide area of development and planning, and with more than 20 years involvement for higher education institution management for planning in Indonesia, MPKD provides good environment for learning atmosphere with dynamic, comprehensive, holistic, and multi-disciplinary approaches. As an effort to define better space also must be able to empower its inhabitants through physical and non-physical arrangements and the optimal utilization of space, MPKD strives to make efforts to create spaces which capable to enable and disseminate effective concepts and methods for creating or re-creating them. MPKD hopes to have an active role in carrying out the mission of creating livable spaces for better human life through inclusive innovation.The program focuses on building the student capacity to have deep understanding and practical capabilities in spatial context, use community approach for planning and development, develop the knowledge and practical thing to give recommendation based on the uniqueness for each case study in planning and development from spatial context, and also endorse the creative and futuristic planner. For that purposes, MPKD has designed the curriculum system that gives opportunity for the student to choose their specializations based on their interest and capabilities.

Concerned planning themes :

  • Urban Settlement Regeneration
  • Urban Neighborhood Planning and Development
  • Rural Neighborhood Planning and Development
  • Heritage Neighborhood Planning and Developmen
  • Infrastructure Planning and Development
  • Non Housing Property Planning and Development
  • Landscape Planning (Urban and Rural)
  • Smart City and Region

Program Concentrations :

  • Urban Planning
  • Regional Planning
  • Neightborhood Planning