Master Program In Geological Engineering

This Program is designed to continuously address challenges and problems arised in geological resource management and geological disaster risk control. Since it's establishment in 1996, Master Program of Department of Geological Engineering has graduated more than 400 graduates which are coming from all over Indonesia and also foreign students.

Having the highly experienced and reputable lecturers with international qualifications, the program is well supported by comprehensive and modern education facilities. International research promotors are encouraged as well in this program. All the academic activities are conducted in Geological Engineering Department building, while field work and research activities are carried out at relevant sites, institutions, or companies. Students can experience international academic atmosphere since this program offers international classes.

The program also invites the students having academic excellence to have opportunity to attend student exchange and double degree program at reputable university partners abroad.

The program comprises several concentrations, which are

  • Volcanology
  • Geothermal Technology
  • Groundwater Engineering
  • Mineral Resources Geology
  • Petroleum and Coal Geology
  • Tectonics and Geomorphology
  • Quaternary and Environmental Geology
  • Engineering Geology and Tunneling-Underground Space