Master Program in Engineering Physics

  • Major Courses on Engineering Physics (28 Credits):
    Multiphysics System Analysis, Mathematics for Engineering Analysis, Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Rights, Experimental Engineering Methods, Computational Engineering Methods, Research Ethics and Design, Special Topics in Engineering Physics, Thesis.
  • Minor Courses for Engineering of Nuclear Technology Systems (12 Credits): Engineering of Nuclear Reactor System, Engineering of Nuclear Safety and Security System, Engineering of Nuclear Material Management System, Engineering of Nuclear Facility Management System.
  • Minor Courses for Engineering of Instrumentation Systems (12 Credits) :
    Engineering of Industrial Instrumentation System, Engineering of Medical Instrumentation System, Engineering of Smart Building Instrumentation System, Engineering of Environmental Safety Instrumentation System.
  • Minor Courses for Engineering of Renewable Energy Systems (12 Credits): Engineering of Water and Wind Energy System, Engineering of Solar Energy System, Engineering of Geothermal Energy System, Engineering of Biomass Energy System.
  • Minor Courses for Engineering of Nuclear Security Systems (12 Credits):Nuclear Security Culture, Human Elements in Nuclear Security, Nuclear Forensics, International and National Legal Framework for Nuclear Security.