Doctoral Program In Architecture

This doctoral program is an interdisciplinary program reaching towards the various scopes related to architecture or planning as the focus of the study incorporating substantial knowledge from outside relevant fields. The program is designed to enable the students to create an original contribution to the field emphasizing on deepening and exploring disciplinary knowledge in a broader intellectual context.

The current major fields of study are vernacular architecture/settlement, building/environmental science, history of architecture/urbanism, housing development, urban design/planning, community planning/development, and tourism planning/development. Every student who is admitted to the doctoral program will work closely with the faculty advisors in the related area to develop a plan of study.

Progress towards the PhD requires course work, comprehensive examination, research dissertation, a series of seminars, qualifying paper presentation, general examinations, and thesis paper for the final defence.


  • Laboratory of Spatial Planning Support System
  • Laboratory of Building Technology
  • Laboratory of Architecture Simulation and Modellingry
  • Architecture design studio