Master Program In Industrial Engineering

The objective of master in industrial engineering program are to create thinking individuals who have qualified research skill, advanced knowledge in the development in industrial engineering, and outstanding self development skills. The graduates of the program are expected to be able to actually set their carreer paths as researchers, teaching staffs, or experts in industrial design and engineering.

The Master Program in Industrial Engineering is a branch of science dealing with collection of methodological tools brought together to achieve an integrated approach to solve problems in engineering and management, with quality and/or productivity improvement as its overall objective. Industrial engineering concerns with design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment, and energy. It draws upon specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical, physical, and social sciences together with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design to specify, predict, and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems. Unlike other engineering disciplines, industrial engineering is defined by the methodological tools used rather than the areas of application.

The Master Program in Industrial Engineering is designed to provide graduate level education to prepare individuals to be professional industrial engineers. The graduates are expected to have analytical, synthesis, and evaluation capability in solving the industrial problems and equip themselves with expert think tank in managerial decision making, in the manufacturing and service industries. The program offers specializations in Production Engineering, Operations Research, Industrial Ergonomics, and Manufacturing Processes and Systems.